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kdissert 1.0.7

mindmapping tool

kdissert is a mindmapping tool for supporting the creation of complex documents: dissertations, theses, presentations, and reports. It supports pictures and features several document generators: LaTeX reports, LaTeX slides (based on Prosper and Beamer), OpenOffice.org documents, HTML, and plain text.

A mindmap is a multicolored and image centered radial diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of learned material. For example, it can graphically illustrate the structure of a thesis outline, a project plan, or the government institutions in a state. Mindmaps have many applications in personal, family, educational, and business situations. Possibilities include note-taking, brainstorming, summarizing, revising and general clarifying of thoughts.

Though this application shares some similarities with general-purpose mindmapping tools like FreeMind or Vym, the very first goal of kdissert is to create general-purpose documents, not mindmaps.

Home page: http://freehackers.org/~tnagy/kdissert/


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